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1. Unless otherwise noted, the opinions, thoughts, and expressions of my followers do not necessarily reflect my own. 2. If you choose to employ derogatory terms, harass either myself or one of my followers through my blog or reblog any original material from my blog without giving me credit or out of context in order to discredit or scar my image, I will block you and report you to Tumblr. 3. I will not accept any submission that includes pornographic images. 4. From time to time, my blog will include posts that some may consider tasteless or offensive. Nothing--I MEAN NOTHING--is off limits EXCEPT dead baby jokes. I will not find them amusing, and I will not tolerate them. When a newborn dies in your arms fifteen minutes after birth, you will understand why I take this rule more seriously than any other. 5. If you don't like the rules I have established or find yourself offended at any point while visiting my blog because of a post on my blog, then you can--and I say this as kindly as I possibly can--fuck off.

With that said, you have been warned. -- River

P.S. I feel it's necessary to include this: tags do not necessarily have an obvious relationship between them and the respective posts upon which they appear. Furthermore, some subjects of the inclusions in the "WTF, Racism?" series are not necessarily racist, and the title of the "WTF, Social Jusice?" series does not imply a personal distaste for or dislike of all social justice blogs. Subjects of the inclusions in the latter series only include a certain hateful, predatory, and ignorant brand of social justice blog.
-- River

Burned All My Notebooks, What Good Are Notebooks?

Burned All My Notebooks, What Good Are Notebooks?